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"Judee and Michelle are remarkable. They created a safe space, even virtually, where we felt comfortable being open and vulnerable. My time with Meaning Makers helped me to be more aware of how to engage with others - peers, friends, strangers - in a more emotionally intelligent way on a consistent basis. It didn’t feel formulaic or contrived, it felt genuinely connected, that Michelle and Judee were invested in our cohort not just professionally, but personally. That investment made me more focused."
Heather McCartney
Director of Human Resources, The Midnight Mission
"Judee and Michelle are professional, enthusiastic, and caring. The second they walked on our campus I felt like they opened their hearts and minds to really get to know us and the needs of our staff and students. Judee and Michelle were able to work with our staff so well, even the nay sayers took notice and learned from them."
Kathryn Cox
Instructional Coach, Santa Ana Unified School District
"Collaborating with Meaning Makers Collective has made me reevaluate the work I am doing on a day to day basis with their “Torta” example still lingering in my mind. They have retaught me how to balance work and personal well-being even through stressful times. It is these same habits taught by Judee and Michelle that I take with me in my professional and personal life. I will forever be grateful for their wisdom in wellness!"
Daisey Lopez Valadez
Project Specialist, Ventura County Office of Education
"Judee and Michelle are amazing women and instructors. They always make you feel warm and welcome. Working with them has opened my eyes even more to the fact that the world isn’t perfect but I can continue to use the tools I have learned in these workshops to bring awareness with the people that I work with and in my personal life, change can happen if you keep trying. I just love how it was a safe learning environment. You were able to express yourself without any judgment and it was always a welcoming place."
Lydia Freeman
Training Specialist, Downtown Women's Center

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